Tax Tip – Preparing for Filing your Taxes

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With April 15 coming down the line, we want make sure you get the help you need at tax time. Make things easier by not waiting until the last minute. Here are the top 5 tax time tips:

  1. Gather your records. Make sure you have all the tax records you need to file your taxes. This includes receipts, canceled checks and other records that support income, deductions or tax credits that you claim on your tax return.
  2. Report all your income. You will need to report your income from all of your Forms W-2, Wage and Tax Statements, and Form 1099 income statements when you file your tax return.
  3. Use Direct Deposit. The fastest and safest way to get your refund is to combine e-file with direct deposit.
  4. Weigh your filing options. You have several options for filing your tax return. You can prepare it yourself or go to a tax preparer.
  5. Review your return. Mistakes slow down your tax refund. If you file a paper return, be sure to check all Social Security numbers. That’s one of the most common errors.

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Tax Tip - Preparing for Filing your Taxes
Tax Tip – by Don Fitch, CPA

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