IRS Offer In Compromise Engagement

IRS Offer In Compromise (Form 656) Engagement Paperwork
IRS Offer In Compromise (Form 656) Engagement Paperwork – Click on to Download Engagement Paperwork in a pdf format

Upon receipt of the attached engagement paperwork, we will file a power of attorney and complete an IRS Offer in Compromise Engagement relative to your account. All of the necessary information will be provided by you and the IRS which will be documented and forwarded to you. These steps will not call any attention to your case. An IRS Offer in Compromise includes the following (not all inclusive):

  • Completing and processing the IRS Power of Attorney,
  • Processing IRS Financial Forms (433A, etc.),
  • Negotiating with the IRS until final acceptance or rejection of the IRS Offer in Compromise,
  • Determining balances outstanding with the IRS by year and amount,
  • Tax returns outstanding (if any),
  • Status of account (Collections, Revenue Officer, Installment agreement, Uncollectible, etc.),
  • Assessment dates for each year with an outstanding balance,
  • Liens filed for each year (if any).

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Updated 04/18/2021

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