Specializing in Offers in Compromise, Wage Levy Releases, Installment Agreements, IRS Audits, Tax Return Preparation and much more.

Don Fitch, CPA founded Don Fitch Accountancy in 1993. We will guide you through the 20+ Tax Solutions.

CPA help for every tax situation

Our goal is to solve your current and past tax problems. Don Fitch Accountancy provides our professional services at a reasonable price.

Don Fitch, CPA is the Owner and the Founder of Don Fitch Accountancy.

In 1993, Don Fitch Accountancy become one of the 1st CPA Firm's in the country to specialize in IRS Problem Solutions. Additionally, Don Fitch Accountancy revolutionized many of the tax solutions used today. The firm prepares tax returns for any of the 50 States and for 30+ past tax years In 1996 the firm expanded to many cities including 2 offices in San Francisco, 3 offices in Manhattan (Wall Street) - to name a few. Accomplishments include having over 100 successful IRS Offers In Compromise (available for review).

CPA Trained and Experienced

Don Fitch Accountancy has over 20+ Tax Solutions - To name a few:

Offers in Compromise
IRS 911 Emergency

IRS Exploratory’s
IRS Installment Agreement
IRS 1040X
Amended Returns
Past Due Tax Return

IRS Lien Releases
IRS 10 Year Statue to Collect
IRS 53 Status – Currently Non-Collectible (Hardship)
IRS Tax Disaster & Storm Relief

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