Tax Return Bookkeeping

Tax Return Bookkeeping is the starting point for a complete and accurate Tax Return. All income and deductions are booked that are unique to a Tax Return. For example, Don Fitch Accountancy will provide a unique chart of accounts designed for tax preparation purposes. Let us complete ALL YOUR BOOKKEEPING (Quicken & Quickbooks) needs necessary to complete your annual Federal and State tax returns. SAVE time, money, and TAXES with our bookkeeping services. Bookkeeping services including the preparation of (not all inclusive), of Bank Reconciliations, Bank Deposits, Checks, Credit Entries, Credit Memos, Deposits, Debit Entries, Vendor Invoices, Monthly Statements, Working Trial Balance, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable. Don Fitch Accountancy will provide (not all inclusive):

Our chart of accounts to use for tax return preparation purposes, and...

Book your Income and Expenses, and...

Book any needed payroll (if needed), and...

Book any and all items into the various ledgers, and...

Book any and all investments and whatever else needed to be booked for a complete and accurate return.

Don Fitch, CPA complies with the FASB’s accounting standards.

Don Fitch, CPA is a Quickbooks Pro Advisor since 2012.

Don Fitch, CPA adheres to both GAAP and GAAS.

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