Tax Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Tax problems can affect the lives of employees both at home and at work. Don Fitch, CPA manages the only Tax Help Employee Assistance Program in the country.

This EAP is a comprehensive program that helps employees resolve tax problems that may adversely impact their work performance, conduct, health and well-being. This EAP addresses problems in the quickest, least restrictive, and most convenient manner while minimizing cost and protecting client confidentiality.

Please note that an IRS employee wage levy results in 80% to 90% paid to the IRS.  In other words, the employee will not be able to pay rent or buy food.  Without assistance a valued employee will be forced to find work elsewhere.

Among the professional services we offer (not all inclusive) are:

* Wage Levy Releases (Federal and State)

* Lien Releases (Federal and State)

* Tax Returns for all 50 States (Federal and State)

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